The Checkpoint - ESL Allows VAC Banned Competitors After Two Years, RunAway Makes Overwatch APEX Finals

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • No. 13 mousesports in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings finally came back to earth this season of the CS:GO ESL Pro League as No. 2 defeated them 2-0 in the EU side of competition yesterday. In other games, No. 7 North defeated No. 18 Heroic 2-0, No. 1 Astralis and No. 5 FaZe Clan split their set 1-1, and No. 16 G2 Esports finally notched a win with a 2-0 victory over No. 17 Team Kinguin.

    On the NA side, No. 4 SK Gaming took out the Misfits 2-0, Winterfox and Luminosity split their set 1-1, No. 12 Immortals and NRG Esports also tied 1-1, and No. 20 Renegades defeated Selfless 2-0.
  • In the League of Legends EU LCS, Splyce officially ended any mathematical possibility, however remote, that Vitality to sneak to a playoff run by defeating them 2-0. G2 Esports maintained their undefeated season as well after a 2-0 win over GIANTS! Gaming who fell further towards the relegation tournament.
  • RunAway is one step away from capping off an amazing run at the OGN APEX Overwatch tournament as they took out LW Blue 3-2, including an amazing Earthshatter right at the end of Eichenwalde to secure the win. RunAway waits now for the winner of Meta Athena vs Lunatic-Hai.
  • The Hearthstone Winter Championship has started with group stages now underway. So far, DrJikininki and b787 have been eliminated from the event with Neirea and ShtanUdachi advancing to the playoffs.
  • ESL has just made a controversial decision to allow those lifetime banned in Valve events by cheating Valve's Anti-Cheat software to compete after a two year temporary ban. This has triggered a wave of public anger from players who are openly questioning why matchmakers are still banned for life but cheaters are given an opportunity to return.
  • Evil Geniuses just signed Julian "Zinoto" Carrington, professional Super Smash Bros. Wii U players, to the team. Zinoto has been a long time content creator and contributor to the scene in addition to playing professionally. He said of the opportunity:

    "The biggest thing I love about esports is the opportunity to interact with so many different communities and people. A lot of people immerse themselves in communities like the FGC, Smash, etc. to escape the ones they have to deal with in real life, if even for only a small time.

    People find new identities in their gamertags where they can be the person they are normally to afraid to be, which is what I try to promote. Being sponsored means I can reach a broader audience in sharing my knowledge, passion, and drive with other people all across every esports gaming community."

Quintin "Paradox" Johnson, Call of Duty caster, joined the show to talk about the state of the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare CWL Pro League competition, including who he thinks has a real chance to beat OpTic Gaming, underdog picks, and who was the preseason MVP.