Call of Duty: Pro Points Standings Update

by Steven Cropley

Although the first season of the Call of Duty World League Pro League is set in terms of teams, there is still movement taking place in the Pro Point standings.

The GameBattle 2K's are still taking place along with the roster shuffles following Call of Duty World league Dallas hosted by Major League Gaming.

OpTic Gaming is the current number one team as it has been since ESWC Paris. Prior to that, it was eUnited who held the number one spot thanks to a surprising run through MLG Atlanta that saw the team hoist the trophy.

OpTic TB
(Photo: Turtle Beach)

FaZe brings up third, the same position it held in Dallas in the end.

One of the biggest changes comes from the disbandment of Pnda Gaming after it failed to make the Pro League. The team sat just outside of the top nine prior in eleventh.

Several European teams also had shuffles that resulted in the changing around of points but nothing too drastic.

All teams that earned their spot in the Pro League have, as expected, elected to stay true to their latest rosters.

North American Pro Points:

  1. USA OpTic Gaming: Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump – 255,295 
  2. USA eUnited: SiLLY, Arcitys, Prestinni, Gunless – 213,415 
  3. USA FaZe Clan: Clayster, Enable, ZooMaa, Attach – 157,315 
  4. USA EnVyUs: JKap, Slasher, John, Apathy – 123,070 
  5. USA Luminosity: Classic, Slacked, Saints, Octane – 110,390 
  6. USA Rise Nation: Aqua, Faccento, FeLonY, Loony – 106,685 
  7. USA Enigma6: Kade, MRuiz, General. Proto – 104,765 
  8. USA Cloud9: Assault, Aches, Ricky, Lacefield – 95,530 
  9. USA Evil Geniuses: NAMELESS, Havok, Studyy, Nagafen – 86,550 
  10. USA GosuCrew: DraMa, Priest, Maux, Xotic – 85,565 
  11. USA Allegiance: Remy, Mochila, Royalty, SinFuL – 64,320 
  12. USA SetToDestroyX: Believe, Nova, Mayhem, Spoof – 53,870 
  13. USA Team Kaliber: ColeChan, Goonjar, Happy, Theory – 53,835 
  14. USA G2 Esports: SpaceLy, Chino, Legal, Accuracy – 45,625 

European Pro Points:

  1. uk flag Splyce: Jurd, Bance, MadCat, Zer0 – 133,835 
  2. uk flag Red Reserve: Joee, Urban, Seany, Niall – 121,785 
  3. uk flag Millenium: Peatie, Moose, Nolson, MarkyB – 109,640 
  4. uk flag Fnatic: Skrapz, SunnyB, Wuskin, Tommey – 94,645 
  5. uk flag Elevate: Watson, Zed, Reedy, Rated – 89,185 
  6. uk flag Epsilon eSports: Dqvee, Vortex, Joshh, Hawqeh – 83,975 
  7. uk flag Sfuuishashsfuh: Braaain, Shane, Desire, Weeman – 56,305 
  8. france Supremacy: Vortex, Malls, Eazy, Wailers – 56,220 
  9. Europe Millionaires Club: Amar, Benji, Gefkid, Yohanson – 42,160 
  10. uk flag iGame: Qwiker, Zerg, Defrag, EmigrantChain – 38,235 

Asian Pacific Pro Points:

  1. australia Mindfreak: Fighta, Buzzo, Shockz, Excite – 105,800 
  2. australia Tainted Minds: Nimble, Zeuss, Damage, Denz – 82,000 
  3. australia SYF Gaming: Bacabec, Chilean, Eminence, Fate – 82,000 
  4. australia InFamous: Azzi, Flarez, Envious, Spaydz – 28,400 
  5. australia Chiefs ESC: Killerpie, Dean, Skrzm, Swifty – 27,750