WESA Brings SK and Renegades into the Fold

by Steven Cropley

SK Gaming and the Detroit Renegades have joined the World Esports Association. A press release from the organization today made the reveal which is a testament to the organization's stake in North America.

“We’re thrilled that SK Gaming and Renegades have elected to add their esports brands to the growing collection of leading teams that comprise WESA,” said Ken Hershman, Executive Chairman and Commissioner of WESA said in the press release. “These teams will be a positive influence within WESA, and their contributions in the months and years ahead will be an important part of enhancing our collective vision for the organization.”

(Photo: WESA)

After the recent issues with the Professional Esports Association, many questioned whether or not WESA would follow suit in it's demise. It seems it will only get bigger as it picks up to prominent esports organizations into its midst.

Renegades and SK are great additions, bringing in some of the most experienced and best-connected managements in the world of esports when it comes to both it's own sphere and that of esports.

“We have been looking for ways to partner with the leading organizations in order to both professionalize the industry, as well as grow our profile. We believe that the organization fits our strategic goals with the collection of teams within WESA,” said Alex Muller, CEO of SK Gaming in the press release. “We look forward to working collectively with all of the other WESA members to take esports mainstream.”

SK Gaming is currently ranked at No. 4 in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings but also sports top teams in several other top titles in esports.

“To reiterate what I said when I purchased Renegades a few months back, I plan to operate our organization in the same fashion that NBA teams function — with respect and support for the players and an appreciation for the fans,” said Jonas Jerebko, owner of Team Renegades in a statement provided by the press release. “The esports industry is evolving and the parallels to mainstream sports are becoming clearer. My experience in sports can positively impact Renegades and, in turn, the esports industry, and I firmly believe that WESA is the right association to help realize those goals.”

While Renegades have been in a tough spot as of late when it comes to Counter-Strike, the organization as a whole has been moving in the right direction since Jerebko came aboard with the intent of operating the "organization in the same fashion that NBA teams function."

As WESA continues to grow in North America, it may be only a matter of time before other top-tier organizations join. Who's next?