Opinion: ELEAGUE is Off to a Good Start With Street Fighter V

by Kevin Knocke

There are some old school folks that don't like the new ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational content, citing anything from feigning offense at crass language or claiming this doesn't show the fighting game community in the right light.

What's the real reason these old school folks are really complaining though?

They're scared.

ELEAGUE has thus far dipped its toes into three different game scenes: CS:GO, Overwatch, and now SFV. While ELEAGUE has been primarily focused on CS:GO, running two different seasons plus a Major at this point, the organization has made a point of publicly stating over and over again that Turner is not tied to any one game.

The SFV Invitational has certainly had a couple small problems to nitpick, sure, just like any broadcast. The pacing was off on Day 1 with too many breaks, but the team has quickly learned and the broadcast has already markedly improved.

Yes the language has been a bit crass. To be honest, though, that's the nature of a lot of FGC broadcasts and is pretty true to the roots of the scene (and this is said endearingly, it gives the scene a lot of personality).

Over the past few years, much like other esports, FGC broadcasts have generally become much more approachable and family friendly, especially for major tournaments.

Of course there are still smaller events that feel exactly like ELEAGUE's broadcasts, and you know what? That's probably exactly what Turner was going for.

When a new player enters a space in any industry the old guard always gets threatened. However, in an expanding industry like esports is, it's necessary to understand that more major players are going to get involved and it is better to work with those organizations to grow the industry together rather than create a war between rivals that can actually threaten the space.

So is ELEAGUE perfect at the moment in their FGC content? No, but it's clear they're cognizant of that, are working to improve every day, and admit as such directly on camera (kudos to Richard Lewis for doing a great job at hosting an FGC event too).

And that's more than good enough right now. The SFV Invitational is off to a good start, and it will only get better from all evidence seen so far.

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