Call of Duty: Global Pro League Tickets on Sale

by Steven Cropley

Tickets have gone on sale for the upcoming Call of Duty World League Global Pro League season one.

The Global Pro League will give out $700,000 in prize money and features representation from three regions. North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific with representation being nine, six, and one team apiece respectively.

CWL crowd
(Photo: CWL / MLG)

The groups will be played in a round-robin format within a double elimination bracket. The top half of the group will move into the playoffs while the third place team earns a spot in stage two. A team that places fourth will be in relegation.

All groups will play their matches at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio. For $19.99 you can pick up a ticket for the two-day event, however, it is first come first serve in terms of seating. Those under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as well as have a filled out parental consent form.

You can purchase any of the tickets at the following link:

Group Red – Week One (April 20-23)

  • USA Team EnVyUs: JKap, Apathy, Slasher, John
    • Qualified ranked 4th in North America
  • uk flag Splyce: Jurd, Madcat, Bance, Zer0
    • Qualified ranked 1st in Europe
  • USA Cloud9: Aches, Lacefield, Assault, Ricky
    • Qualified ranked 8th in North America
  • australia Mindfreak: Buzzo, Fighta, Shockz, Excite
    • Qualified ranked 1st in Asian-Pacific

Group Blue – Week Two (April 27-30)

  • USA FaZe ClanClayster, Attach, Zoomaa, Enable
    • Qualified ranked 3rd in North America
  • USA Rise Nation: Loony, Felony, Aqua, Faccento
    • Qualified ranked 6th in North America
  • uk flag Fnatic: Tommey, SunnyB, Skrapz, wuskinz
    • Qualified ranked 4th in Europe
  • USA Evil Geniuses: Nameless, Studyy, Nagafen, Havok
    • Qualified ranked 9th in Europe

Group Yellow – Week Three (May 4-7)

  • USA eUnited: Arcity, Prestinni, Silly, Gunless
    • Qualified ranked 2nd in North America
  • USA Luminosity Gaming: Octane, Classic, Saints, Slacked
    • Qualified ranked 5th in North America
  • uk flag Millenium: MarkyB, Moose, Peatie, Nolson
    • Qualified ranked 3rd in Europe
  • uk flag Epsilon: Dqvee, Joshh, Hawqeh, Vortex
    • Qualified ranked 6th in Europe

Group Green – Week Four (May 11-14)

  • USA OpTic GamingScump, Karma, Crimsix, Formal
    • Qualified ranked 1st in North America
  • uk flag Red Reserve: Joee, Niall, Seany, Urban
    • Qualified ranked 2nd in Europe
  • USA Enigma6: General, MRuiz, Kade, Proto
    • Qualified ranked 7th in North America
  • uk flag Elevate: Reedy, Rated, Zed, Watson
    • Qualified ranked 5th in Europe