Opinion: OpTic Are the Masters of Esports Branding

by Kevin Knocke

The power of branding in sports is huge. Branding creates personalities and moves merchandise. This creates resources that a smart team can use to reinvest back to their core product.

And in the world of esports, lots of times that's more important than winning every single event.

OpTic Gaming is the king of branding in esports. Period. There is no scene like the console shooter genre that has one organization controlling so much influence and power there.

This is not a bad thing or a knock on OpTic, it's a testament to its strategy and success.

When other brands reach mastery over a game or genre, it's common for them to branch out into dozens of other game titles and scenes. OpTic simply has not.

With championship teams in Gears of War, Halo 5, and Call of Duty, OpTic has a complete stranglehold on the console shooter scene. The furthest OpTic has strayed from console shooters has been to set up a PC shooter team for CS:GO.

This sort of laser focused mentality is super beneficial nowadays. Not only does OpTic brand their teams and create personalities better than any esports organization, they invest back into the games and scenes that make them successful without expanding to random League of Legends, Dota 2, or Hearthstone teams that dilute their core brand.

Even an organization like Tempo Storm that has called itself the Blizzard-focused esports team has started to expand into the fighting game community, League of Legends, and FIFA 17.

So it's not that common to see an organization like OpTic's that is willing to ride out the highs and lows of a scene so completely, but it's obvious they have fans in spades as a result.

At CWL Atlanta, fully 80% of the crowd got up and left after OpTic lost in the grand finals because that's how much of the crowd was just there to see OpTic.

Now of course the flip side of this is that it's dangerous for a scene to be so heavily reliant on one brand, but it's clear that no matter what, OpTic will be positioned to produce the best personalities and most popular teams in console shooters for a very, very long time.

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