FaZe's ZooMaa on OpTic Call of Duty: "Watching OG win so much definitely makes me want to work harder"

by Steven Cropley

WWG caught up with FaZe Clan Call of Duty player Tommy "ZooMaa" Paparratto to talk about the Global Pro League, OpTic Gaming, and groups now that they have been drawn.

FaZe Zoomaa
(Photo: MLG)

ZooMaa came up quickly from his days as a GameBattles Search & Destroy player. At ZooMaa's second event, UMG Dallas 2014, the player landed a first place finish. He followed it up with second place finish at UMG Nashville, solidifying his ability to compete with top-tier teams on LAN. Outside of FaZe ZooMaa has also played under organizations such as Team EnVyUs and Denial.

WWG: Coming out of the last couple events and going into the Global Pro League at third in Pro Points and not being able to make it to a final recently, things don't look bad but they haven't been as good as they could be. How does that leave you guys as a squad?

ZooMaa: We definitely believe we can be at the top, just need to put in the work. We can't fall behind because catching up is just too hard, especially when playing the best players in the world. Just need to work hard and trust eachother that we can win.

WWG: What is it like to watch your organization rival, OpTic Gaming have so much success, winning back to back Call of Duty events and be a finalist in a third?

ZooMaa: Watching OG win so much definitely makes me want to work harder. I am happy for those guys and they are all amazing players who deserve the success, but I do believe we have what it takes as well. No bad blood with them but obviously we want to win as bad as they do, and I do believe we can do it.

WWG: So with the groups being released, how do you feel about your team's chances? Being paired with a Rise Nation team that had success in Vegas, Evil Geniuses that had a last minute surge to qualify and then Fnatic from Europe. What are your thoughts on the teams you share a group with?

ZooMaa: Looking at our group I think we have one of the hardest groups, but I am confident in myself and my team to take the group.

WWG: In your opinion, what is the hardest group of the four?

ZooMaa: The hardest group of the 4 is our group or EnVys group.

WWG: Can I get your predictions on who comes out of each group as the top two?