Former Cloud9 Overwatch Player Grego Now Free Agent

by Steven Cropley

Greg "Grego" McAllen, the 23-year-old Overwatch player from Northern California is officially a free agent.

The player had represented the Cloud9 organization since its move into the highly popular first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch. After great success with the squad during the era of the sniper character, Widowmaker, Cloud9 dominated the beta.

The North American squad's success saw a steep decline after release and a few nerfs later and the squad was unable to rebound with its roster at the time. This resulted in Grego and two other players stepping away from the roster. Grego remained contracted to the organization, however, and only acted as a substitute for Team Liquid during the Overwatch Carbon Series. The player has been active in the game, though, streaming regularly.

Grego Cloud9
(Photo: Nvidia)


Grego will certainly be looking to join a well-established organization and team in the hopes of joining the upcoming and highly anticipated Overwatch League. Grego played support as his main role during his competitive career in Overwatch.

The upcoming global Overwatch League will see team owners will bid for spots in the league which will start in 2017. Not only will teams bid for spots, but players will be able to make a bid of their own. Blizzard will be putting on a combine, and if it holds any resemblance to combines in the traditional sports world, it will be an opportunity for players to prove themselves worthy of professional teams. Team owners will be watching the years top performers in the combine, with a signing period taking place afterward.

Main points:

  • Team owners and players share in economics
  • Team owners bid for location
  • Players will have contracts to cover compensation and benefits
  • Overwatch league combine
  • LAN play in front of live audiences

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