RFRSH CCO Talks Astralis Audi Partnership and Future

by Steven Cropley

Jordi Roig, the Chief Commercial Officer of RFRSH Entertainment has released statements regarding the organization's partnership with the German Auto Giants Audi and the future.

According to the email provided by RFRSH, the campaign "went extremely well, and the parties have started a valuation process to determine the framework for a potential longer lasting partnership."

Roig went on to state that, "RFRSH was created to fulfill the massive potential in esports in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders. It is high-level, fan engaging, competitive entertainment characterized by a very traditional mindset and so far mostly endemic brands have been a part of the journey." This won't be the limitation for RFRSH, however. "we are about to change that," Roig added.

Astralis Audi
(Photo: RFRSH)

The organization's partnership with Audi was to "demonstrate the massive reach and positive energy in esport, and we wanted to show the vast, yet untapped market for brands wanting to engage with the millions of esport fans globally," Roig said.

Just how much of an impact did the Audi partnership have? Well the final numbers are not in but Roig provides that it accumulated "more than 25 million impressions across Astralis' own Social Media channels, more than 12 million stream and TV Viewers exposed to the Audi Brand, more than 160,000 video players of the advertisement alone, and already 163 online articles in 27 countries mentioning the cooperation, it is already obvious that the campaign has done what we set out to do."

As mentioned before, Roig says RFRSH does not plan on stopping there. The organization is currently working with Audi to evaluate the potential of a long-term partnership between the auto giant and Astralis, the No. 1 team in the WWG CSGO Team Rankings.

"The results from the campaign confirms the enormous potential for activation- and exposure and it demonstrates RFRSH's way to create content and activate the target audience. We will use the coming weeks to assess the Campaign and evaluate our commercial opportunities. There is no doubt that new, large-scale partnerships are in the pipeline, and for us it would be logical to continue the very positive co-operation between Audi and Astralis," Roig says of the partnership and the future for RFRSH in terms of bigger and better deals with varying companies.