The Checkpoint - Hearthstone Journey to Un'Goro Problems, Overwatch APEX Season 3 Team Announced

by Kevin Knocke

Today on The Checkpoint, the daily esports show on that airs each weekday at 2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT:

  • ESL Pro League CS:GO action kicked back up again for Week 7 in EU as unranked LDLC in the WWG CS:GO Team Rankings took out No. 3 convincingly with 16-5 and 16-13 wins against the Polish squad. No. 7 Fnatic split their set against No. 16 Heroic 1-1.

    On the NA side, No. 17 Cloud9 defeated the recently released ex-Selfless Gaming squad 2-0, while No. 14 OpTic Gaming and Luminosity Gaming split the maps 1-1.
  • Hearthstone is back with the Hearthstone Global Games, where teams from 48 countries are competing in groups over the course of the year to crown the best country in the world. On day 1, the Czech Republic beat the Philippines 3-2, South Korea took out Greece 3-1, Taiwan defeated Poland 3-1, Sweden narrowly won over China 3-2, and Russia stomped Spain 3-0.

    Games will continue throughout the year on the main Hearthstone Twitch channel.
  • ESL has announced a new 24/7 esports TV channel. MTG, their parent company, has been running such networks around the world for some time, but this new channel on the Playstation Vue service will be the first such channel directed at US viewers.
  • CS:GO is undergoing many changes, as Valve announced that the transition to the Source 2 engine is nearly complete and would officially take place this summer along with a new Operation which offers DLC maps and content. This of course could introduce a lot of changes to the game mechanics and movement.

    Also, CS:GO is preparing for an official release in China. Up until now, Chinese players have been reliant on spotty Hong Kong servers or high latency connections to servers in other regions. Thus, Crossfire, a regionally very popular FPS title, has taken hold.

    With the new release, CS:GO could begin to gain a foothold in China. In addition, harsh anti-cheat punishments were implemented, including a negative effect to a user's credit score that is caught using software cheats.
  • Team Liquid has announced the signing of Twistzz to their CS:GO squad, young up and coming Canadian player formerly on Misfits. Liquid has been looking for a solid lineup, and the addition of the 17 year old Twistzz ensures they have a promising long term prospect.
  • The OGN Apex Overwatch Season 3 western teams have been leaked, and are Rogue and NRG Esports. Reinforce from Rogue was openly questioning why a team that has had no LAN experience was invited. NRG of course have recently changed their roster and on paper it looks quite powerful but hasn't yet been tested on LAN.

Taylor Cocke of Yahoo! Esports joins the show to talk about problems with the latest Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un'Goro, and speculate on some key League of Legends EU LCS and NA LCS playoff matches this weekend.