FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series Taking Place This Weekend

by Robert Workman


Soccer fans, it’s time to get back into the virtual competition of your favorite sport, as the FIFA Ultimtae Team Championship Series is making a return!

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the second season for the series will begin in Vancouver starting tomorrow, April 21st, and running through Saturday, April 22nd. The event will broadcast live on ESPN 2, and will also be available for streaming on a number of channels, for those that aren’t near a television. (For instance, will have a full stream going.)

During the tournament, the greatest FIFA players from around the world (including the Americas) will battle it out for the chance to win $20,000, as well as a shot to advance to the world championships, taking place in Berlin later this year.

The tournament begins Friday with the top 32 competitors from the Rest of World bracket fighting for a spot in the Berlin championship. Current favorites like Joseph “OhNoaGoat” Nassar and Mark “xMarkoHD” Brijeski will be amongst the competitors, each with different stories to tell in terms of their hunt for a championship victory.

After that, the battle continues on Saturday, with the best players in the Americas region battling, including the likes of Christopher “DidyChrisLito” Holly (part of the New York City FC) and Mike “Hashtag Mike” Labelle from Hashtag United amongst the competitors.

Aside from watching the action on ESPN 2 and the FUT Champions page, fans can also tune in on the Facebook feed, the official YouTube channel and on Twitch, seeing the best players go at it in Electronic Arts’ much-heralded soccer simulation FIFA 17. It’s unknown what platform they’ll be battling on, but whatever the case, they’ll be taking part in some of the best virtual soccer action you could possibly imagine.

We certainly wish all the players the best of luck in making their way to Berlin and battling for prestige and prizes in the tournament. And, of course, it’s likely to continue onward to a third season when FIFA 18 begins rolling out later this year.

FIFA 17 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

By Robert Workman

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