League of Legends: InnerFlame Joins Misfits as General Manager and Chief Gaming Officer

by Matt Best

(Photo: @InnerFlameLoL)

Shortly after Joe "InnerFlame" Elouassi departed from Team Dignitas, he found a new home with another League of Legends organization.

According to a press release on Misfits' website, the move made total sense to bring on InnerFlame for both roles. "The infrastructure in esports organizations is always a focal point in every community. We realized a new General Manager/Chief Gaming Officer would greatly help us in our long-term plans, as well as our day-to-day activities. We are excited to announce that Joe “InnerFlame” Elouassi has joined Misfits."

InnerFlame is equally as excited and recalls the moment his fortunes changed after departing from Dignitas. "My eyes lit up seeing an email from Ben (CEO) after my resignation from Team Dignitas. Misfits is an organisation which is already among the elite tier of teams in the world in spite of its creation only last year. The ambition here is clear and matches my own, my excitement is on another level. Accepting this offer was very easy. I cannot wait to see what the future brings with Misfits and I’m going to work my absolute hardest to continue the success this organisation already has."

Ben Spoont, CEO for Misfits, also spoke and first thanked Ali "Alicus" Saba who was previously the General Manager before resigning in February. "I would like to again say thank you to Alicus for his instrumental support and contributions by putting Misfits in position to be where we are today. His sharp wit and undying loyalty always made Alicus a great person to have around the team and for me personally. We will forever be indebted for his work and efforts!"

Spoont also shared the same excitement from InnerFlame and said, "With that in mind, I am thrilled to have Joe as our new General Manager/Chief Gaming Officer. Joe comes to us with vast experience across multiple game titles and we look forward to building off of that together. He will be critical to adding value for us as an org and to our players as we continue to grow and create our own path in and out of the games."

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By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.