Shaping a Dynasty, SetToDestroyX Remodel Their H1Z1 Roster

by Matt Best

(Photo: SetToDestroyX/Sage)

What is a dynasty?

According to Webster's dictionary, a dynasty is a powerful group or family that maintains its position for a considerable time.

As of May 10, 2017. SetToDestroyX's H1Z1 team took their first steps towards becoming a dynasty.

After attending the 2017 H1Z1: Fight For The Crown Tournament in Los Angeles, California, SetToDestroyX decided to shake things up. The team released three of its members in Steve "Raeldon" Anthony, Brittney "VivaLaBAD" Davis, and Chin "Omniskillz" Kim. The team also announced that have retained the services of JR "Aw_Naw" Hinds, Doug "DougisRaw" Wolf Jr., and Matt "Stomp" Willis.

On the way in, the team welcomes Michael "Mikeyy" Thorson, Ben "BennyBoy" Holley, Charles "cKlaas" Klaas, and Manager Carlo "Shotz" Finizio, all formerly of Strictly Business.

According to Charlie Watson, Owner/Founder/CEO of SetToDestroyX, the wheels were in motion after the tournament aired. "After the Fight For The Crown and after it aired, we [STDx Management] had several meetings with the team and our pre-existing group of five. It really came down to asking how are we going to improve moving forward and what’s needed to be done?"

Thinking of what needs to be done and actually doing what needs to be done are two different things that not many organizations are comfortable doing. For Watson, the decision to push forward was difficult. "It’s hard because you’re replacing three great players with three great players. At the end of the day, it’s almost like you’re talking about a game of inches. It’s hard when you’re trying to dissect something you feel is already pretty good to make it that much better."

The door has not been fully shut on VivaLaBad, Raeldon, and Omniskillz as Watson pointed out that the welcome mat is still out if they decide to stick with the organization. "They’re always more than welcome to stay because they’re consummate professionals and mature, incredibly talented individuals and great characters. I can’t say enough about them. They’re always welcome to stay and we’ll provide that opportunity to them if they want to stay with the organization."

"It’s hard when you’re trying to dissect something you feel is already pretty good to make it that much better." - Charlie Watson, Owner/Founder/CEO of SetToDestroyX

The move began when two of STDx's players, Aw Naw and DougisRaw began scrimming with their now-teammates. "Our core group here of Aw Naw and Doug had an opportunity of getting in a couple scrims in games with the boys from Strictly Business and realized that the chemistry and communication felt very natural," said Watson. "It wasn’t forced. It made sense for us to explore the opportunity and move forward."

And move forward they did.

"Adding BennyBoy, cKlaas and Mikeyy will put us in a stronger position moving forward," Watson said. "It’s going to give us an opportunity of being in that Top 3 position."

When you hear phrases such as Top 3, the team at hand becomes a competitor, a threat if you will; for other teams.

The confidence levels are sky high for the faces new and old behind STDx's newly shaped H1Z1 team. "We're a Top 5 team, easily," said Mikeyy. "When we’re in a game, people are gonna know. When someone says STDx, it’s fearful and there’s meaning behind it."

Shotz echoed the same sentiments and even took it a step further. "Top 3. 100%. Easily," said Shotz. "We have pure slayers on our team and they put their ego's aside."

One of those players on the team is BennyBoy who, because of the rules, cannot play with the team until December due to his age. When asked about BennyBoy's age, Shotz was not shy to speak and said, "I understand the whole legality part but I feel like if you have a parental consent and your parents are with you [on the decision], then I don’t see why he shouldn’t be playing. He’s one of our top slayers on the team and it’s so unfortunate we have to wait until December." Hitting on the point that the team is effectively putting their ego's aside, Stomp will serve as a potential substitute as well as retain a coaching role.

Dynasties are built from the ground up and that's what SetToDestroyX aims to do with their infrastructure in place. For Watson and the rest of the SetToDestroyX family, a successful foundation is built on support. "It really comes down to speaking with them one on one and getting on their level and providing them the support that they’re looking for. Whether that’s product or money or opportunity and ultimately a better platform in terms of streaming and content development. Just the opportunity of putting them into a great foundation and structure that we’ve created here that’s not just about the skill but equally about the personality and character and the type of people you’re not only surrounding yourself with but you’re working with on a daily basis. This is the opportunity of putting two guys with three guys who think and breathe the same way."

For cKlaas, a new organization and a new opportunity is like a breath of fresh air. "Just already from STDx, I feel so much better. I think we’re gonna skyrocket."

People often mistake cockiness for confidence. In speaking to the veterans of the team in DougisRaw and Aw Naw, it's clearly evident the pair are ready for the new challenges ahead with their new teammates. "Super stoked," said DougisRaw. "All the dudes that are coming are real powerhouses in the game. Even though we have to depart with some of the great players we have now, I still think this has to be the better move. We can easily be Top 3. Give us a couple months and we could be number one for sure."

"We can easily be Top 3. Give us a couple months and we could be number one for sure." - DougisRaw

For Aw Naw, the opportunity to have a roster filled with players with a like mindset is something he's looking forward to. "I'm excited. This is the type of team I wanted from the get-go. A very aggressive team that can shoot and are also very intelligent. We definitely have a sick squad now that can compete with any team out there."

The pair of veterans do not expect to be Gods from the get-go. No single dynasty or masterpiece was created in a rush. When asked about the time and the process it'll take to synergize together Aw Naw said, "[It's the] same way we’ve done everything else. Let it happen. We’ll point out the positives and get rid of the negatives."

Dynasties within esports are hard to come by. The lasting dynasties in the scene were created when the game at hand was in its infancy. For H1Z1, it's much of the same. There has always been chatter of individuals who dominate the solo game and are seen as pioneers of the scene. Their personal brand has been created. Truly, there's yet to be a team that people look up to and recognize as a number one team. Dynasties are no pushovers either. They want to dominate. You don't start a dynasty with a foundation based around losing. What can you build it around? Watson has an idea.


By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.