The 2017 Madden Championship is Set to Kick Off Featuring a $500,000 Prize Pool

by Matt Best

(Photo: EA Sports)

Get the popcorn. Get the nachos. Get ready. It's (virtual) Super Bowl Sunday as the 2017 Madden Championship is set to take place this Sunday, May 14 at 9:00 PM ET.

The winner is in for a lot as the 2017 Madden Championship will make history. The winner of the Madden Championship will take home the biggest share of the $500,000 prize pool. Forget the money, they'll also be deemed the first ever Madden Champion.

You can watch all the action of the 2017 Madden Championship as it airs live on the NFL Network Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. It will also re-air on the NFL Network the same night at 12:00am ET. If you're still lost, just head to the Madden NFL website.

Some of the faces competing in the event include Serious Moe and Eric "Problem" Wright. Although the two are considered best friends, you can bet that there'll be no letting up against one another with all that cash on the line.

Serious Moe is the 2016 Madden Challenge Champion, so he has a bit of experience when it comes to winning. He'll also be playing with a heavy heart as he plays for his late father who passed away in a car accident in March. Moe's dad was behind his Madden dreams from day one and Moe will be dedicating the tournament to his father.

Two young guns of the tournament, Young Kiv and Hollywood, will go head-to-head to try and punch their ticket for a spot in finals weekend. They'll also make history, but this time personally as neither competitor has ever won a single-elimination game. That'll change this weekend. Other competitors in the tournament include Skimbo, BeastModeMac, and Volterax, all seen as threats to win it all.

Who will come out on top? There's only one way to find out so make sure you're tuned in on Sunday when the first ever Madden Champion is crowned!

Madden 17 is available now on both Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

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By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.