League of Legends: Immortals Sign Stunt and AnDa as In-House Subs

by Matt Best

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The Immortals continue to make moves during the offseason. After narrowly missing out on the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs, the League of Legends team started their offseason with the acquisition of Xmithie. They traded their jungler, Dardoch, to Counter Logic Gaming in exchange for the veteran. The team announced today that they have added two more faces to their roster in Andy "AnDa" Hoang and William "Stunt" Chen.

"Immortals prioritizes long term and consistent competitive success, and cracking the code on how to nurture and cultivate talent is an important step on that path.  AnDa and Stunt are both prime candidates for mentoring, growth, and maturation under the Immortals organization, and we look forward to seeing them thrive with new infrastructure and resources at their disposal. You’ll be seeing AnDa and Stunt hard at work behind the scenes at the Immortals gaming house, as well as potentially hitting the LCS stage in IMT Teal."

Immortals CEO Noah Whinston is excited about the team's newest acquisitions and the impact that they'll have on the infrastructure of the squad. "Our organization hasn’t been solely focused on more than just one Split or even one year of the LCS, but instead on building something that can last for a lifetime.  Bringing AnDa and Stunt into the fold reiterates our commitment to this path and gives us the privilege to nurture the next generation of North American talent."

The rest of the Immortals press release is as follows:

AnDa, previously known as Chorong, played on Dream Team in the Challenger Series as a top laner alongside Immortals ADC Cody Sun.  He’s now switched to Jungle.  Not only is he versatile when it comes to switching roles, but AnDa’s also climbed to Global Elite in CS:GO on the side.  This mechanically talented jungler nearly debuted for FlyQuest in the Spring Split, but now he’ll be joining us as a sub for Summer.

Stunt, also known as Stuntopolis, has been in the League scene since 2014.  You may recognize him from his time on Ember, Team Liquid Academy, Dignitas and most recently, Phoenix1, but he’s been looking for a stable environment where he can grow roots.  Not only is Stunt talented in League, with a history as both a mid and a support, but he’s  been spotted playing competitive Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Pokemon.

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By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.