TaZ and gla1ve Speak About ELEAGUE Clash for Cash, a $250,000 Winner Take All Show Match

by Matt Best

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Come Friday, June 16, one of Astralis or Virtus.pro will go home $250,000 richer as a team while the other goes home empty handed. The ELEAGUE Clash for Cash features a rematch between the two teams where Virtus.pro look for redemption as well as $250,000 and bragging rights as the victor or the show match.

On Thursday, June 15, Lukas "gla1ve" Rssander and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas spoke to members of the media about the upcoming show match. We've compiled a collection of questions and answers that the duo fielded.

Does Walking Away With No Money Scare You?

Gla1ve: "It's terrifying that you’re maybe going to walk out of here with no cash but the opportunity to win that much money and play against such a prestigious team is amazing for us. We see it as experience for us. Its terrifying but we’re really hopeful."

TaZ: "For me personally, it's the same thing. When you’re in the final and you’re playing and you get second and you lose, you get nothing. Money is a great addition to this game but its all about the prestige. The winner is the only one that should get paid. I’m really happy with ELEAGUE's thinking. We’re going to give it our best."

What Would You Do With The Money?

TaZ: "If we win, I’ll think about what I’ll do with it. Until then it’s hard to think about it. When you think about the win or the money - you will lose."

What Will This Event Do For Esports and CS:GO?

Gla1ve: "This is really interesting to see with so much money at stake. I’m looking to see what exposure this will get for ELEAGUE and CSGO. I’m looking forward to it."

Will VP Perform Well Under Pressure?

TaZ: "I think this is something we built in our DNA during all the years we competed, even before CS:GO. There were times there were no salaries, not much money, and only winning the big events could be viewed as some kind of living"

About ELEAGUE Clash For Cash: "Clash for Cash: The Rematch – a blockbuster show match unprecedented in CS:GO history – will offer Virtus.pro a best-of-three chance at revenge after their runner up finish in January’s ELEAGUE Major Grand Final. The Grand Final was an instant classic, culminating with a late-game comeback by Astralis to defeat Virtus.pro and driving ELEAGUE’s Twitch channel to a record peak of more than one million concurrent streams, in addition to a reach of 3.6 million total viewers on TBS."

By Matt Best

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