Riot Tells You Why You Suck at League of Legends and How to Get Better

by Matt Best

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(Photo: League of Legends)

Yeah. That's a pretty blunt title, but so is what you're about to read. If you've ever played with a friend who's a higher rank than you, you've definitely encountered the following conversation.

You - "Sorry guys, bad game."

Toxic Teammate - "You're boosted. Get good."

That's pretty much how it goes half the time. You'll even get that when you're playing within your own ELO. So what gives? How do you get better?

Should you spend hours upon hours in the practice mode trying to perfect that damn last hit? (Here's a tip: Last hit with no items. Get a feel for the bare minimum when it comes to last hitting and you'll notice a world of a difference.)

Should you give your account info to a friend? No. Don't do this. Ever.

Should you let some Game Designers over at Riot tell you how to perfect your craft? That's actually not a bad idea. 

On the latest installment of "Ask Riot", somebody had the guts to ask the question many of us once asked at the start of our League of Legends career.

"Why do I suck?"

The following is straight from Ask Riot as they try and help you become a better League of Legends player.


  • Your ability to make optimal decisions based off your understanding of how the game rules work  (e.g. which items are the best choices if you want an early game build on a fighter top lane, or which champion best serves the needs of a team comp)


  • Your understanding of where to put yourself relative to your enemies, allies, objectives etc. and ability to do so quickly and constantly while doing other stuff (e.g. where to stand as a support to stress the enemy bot lane, or how to flank in a team fight as an assassin)

Breadth of Roster:

  • Whether you can play a wide enough range of champs to pick whatever your team needs (e.g. are you a nothing but tanks top lane player or can you go Rumble or Fiora when that would be advantageous)

Mechanical Execution:

  • How well you can get your champion to quickly do exactly what you want (e.g. executing that Riven animation cancelling just right, lining up the Blitz hook perfectly through the minion gap etc.)

Map Awareness:

  • Your ability to track both what’s happening in game direct and on the minimap effectively at the same time (e.g. recognizing when you really should be running back to your tower rather than trying for one more minion wave before backing – I fail particularly hard at this one)

Team Coordination:

  • Being able to communicate and coordinate quickly and effectively with your team (e.g. executing a 1-3-1 lane push that doesn’t just become ‘they 5v3’d us and we lost an inhib’).


  • Tilt resistance basically. How well you can recover from setbacks mentally to keep your future performance high (e.g. keeping a deliberate, controlled approach to trading in mid lane after getting first blooded by Shaco, rather than becoming super aggressive or super passive).

Strategic Decision Making:

  • Recognizing what strategies each team should be trying to execute during different points in the game and playing around that (e.g. knowing when to try and stall it out and wait for your late game scaling, rather than constantly 5v5ing mid for no good reason).

Reading Your Opponents:

  • Predicting what the enemy is going to do, or wants to do, and taking advantage of them when they do so (e.g. waiting in river brush to ambush that mid laner you know’s going to come over to do Raptors)

Processing Information:

  • Your ability to take in a lot of stuff happening at once and figure out what’s relevant to you (e.g. spotting the critical spells to dodge in a busy teamfight that looks like a fireworks factory exploding).

Or, if you want a much shorter version that’s a great starting point for most of us:

  • CS better
  • Place more Control Wards

By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.