League of Legends Fans Find One of Their Own in Power Rangers

by James Bates

Nasus 0
(Photo: Riot Games)

Fandoms collide and borrow from each other all the time, so it comes as little surprise that League of Legends, itself a game that incorporates many characters as nods to other franchises, has fans that love to look for hints of their favorite game in other media. What is surprising is what the latest example of that is: Power Rangers. Twitch is in the midst of streaming a 17-day long marathon of Power Rangers, and fans realized very quickly that both games shared two very similar characters: Goldar and Nasus.

As it turns out, the ancient Ascendant from Shurima looks very similar to Rita Repulsa's right-hand man, and fans picked up on the similarity almost instantly. Both share a similar Egyptian theme, and Nasus' jackal head looks surprisingly similar to...whatever it is that inspired Goldar's face. Granted, there are some pretty obvious differences too -- most obviously, Nasus is known for his wisdom while Goldar is slightly...more obtuse -- but that hasn't stopped fans from treating Goldar as if he were the same stack-chasing top laner that we're used to seeing on the Rift.

Twitch chat has proven it's worth once more, as many of the League of Legends fans have taken to referring to Goldar as a "fed Nasus", especially when he brings the hurt. When Goldar is at his most powerful, he's certainly a match for the five teenage Power Rangers, and Twitch chat have given him another affectionate nickname for when he's at his strongest, "1,000 stack Nasus", a reference to Nasus' primary ability, Siphoning Strike. Whenever Nasus slays an enemy with Siphoning Strike, it grows more and more powerful until it eventually is capable of destroying both turrets and squishy champions alike in a single attack -- at least, supposing the slow-moving Nasus can get to either without first being slaughtered at range.

The Power Ranger marathon was scheduled to conclude on the day that their newest film would release. The film is based on the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and is intended to serve as an origin story. The movie releases on March 24th.

By James Bates

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