Riot Confirms That Kkoma Will Not Receive a Worlds Skin

by James Bates

SKT T1 Kkoma
(Photo: lolesports)

For most fans, Worlds is the ultimate culmination of the League of Legends Season, where the best teams in the world duke it out to see who will take home the much-vaunted Summoner's Cup. For others, though, what comes after Worlds is more exciting than the competition itself. Each year Riot creates commemorative skins to honors the victors of that years World Finals, and the quality of those skins has only increased over time. The last couple years have seen some personal touches added to the skins, be it SSG Talon's jacket that immortalized Dade's surrender of his jacket to PawN after Samsung White defeated Samsung Blue back in 2014, or the custom recall animations that the 2015 SKT line of skins featured, each of which was inspired by a submission from the players themselves. Regardless of the team in question, World's skins are always among the most hotly anticipated cosmetics of the year.

Riot confirmed today, however, that one member of SKT T1 would not be receiving a skin this year. Despite a strong push from the fans for him to be recognized with one, Riot has confirmed that they have no plans to do coach skins, meaning Kkoma's push for an SKT T1 Teemo skin will need to wait for now.

Riot Kindlejack took to the forums with this statement on the matter: "There are no plans to ever do coach skins, but we do plan to acknowledge his huge contribution to the eSport." Whether that will calm the fans of the world's most successful coach remains to be seen, but it's unlikely we've heard the last of the matter, seeing as it was massive outcry from the fans that eventually forced Riot to honor Easyhoon's time on SKT T1 with the SKT T1 Azir skin.

One fan who was placated, however, was WWG's own Matt Best. "I don’t see this being a big deal at all." He said regarding the decision.  "While I understand that a coach has a lot to do with a team in terms of their success, the players are the ones that get the skins. A coaches role is more so behind the scenes and their main thing is to look out for their team and always put their team first. Just because Kkoma doesn’t have a skin, it doesn’t mean that people won’t recognize him for what he’s done for SKT."

By James Bates

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