League of Legends 2017 NA LCS Playoff Schedule and Bracket

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Team SoloMid Huddle
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The final Nexus explosion has occurred on the Rift during the 2017 League of Legends NA LCS Spring Split. The dust has since settled and we have the playoff bracket and schedule ready to share with you.

The start of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split was surprising, to say the least. A Doublelift-less Team SoloMid is what people had to get used to as well as a baby Cloud9 in the scene. We witnessed the Doublelift-less TSM struggle to start as Bjergsen had to pick up most of the shot calling. For FlyQuest, fans have witnessed the rise and then triumphant fall of a team that certainly shocked many. 

It's been a surprising split.

TSM have since secured the number one seed and FlyQuest has snuck into the playoffs after a tumultuous split.

In the playoffs, the teams are seeded as follows:

  1. Team SoloMid
  2. Cloud9
  3. Phoenix1
  4. Counter Logic Gaming
  5. FlyQuest
  6. Dignitas

Quarterfinals (April 8-9)

3. Phoenix1 vs 6. Dignitas

4. Counter Logic Gaming vs 5. FlyQuest

Semifinals (April 15-16)

1. Team SoloMid vs TBD

2. Cloud9 vs TBD



WWG's League of Legends Writer and Analyst James Bates weighed in on the first round matchups starting with Phoenix1 and Dignitas. "Phoenix1 versus Dignitas shouldn't even be close," Bates said. "Dignitas sure had a good run at the end of the slit, but Phoenix1 is, at times, looking like the best team in the league, and certainly the most consistent."

"Phoenix1 versus Dignitas shouldn't even be close," - James Bates

While Bates had high praise for Phoenix1 and even Dignitas, he's not as keen on either of these teams right now. "CLG and FlyQuest is an entirely different matter, however, and I'm excited to watch this series seeing as both teams have a history of amazing peaks and horrifying lows," said Bates. He also picked a personal favorite, someone he holds near and dear to his heart. "The big question will be which team brings their A-game, but I must admit that I personally hope FlyQuest gets their act together and buries CLG."

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1 Cloud9 31-13
2 Team SoloMid 31-16
3 Phoenix1 26-15
4 Counter Logic Gaming 22-22
5 Dignitas 22-22
6 Immortals 21-23
7 FlyQuest 22-21
8 Team Liquid 17-30
9 Echo Fox 15-28
10 Team EnVyUs 14-31


1 Astralis 6-4
2 Natus Vincere 5-5
3 Virtus.pro 4-6
4 1 FaZe Clan 8-2
5 1 SK Gaming 5-5
6 North 4-5
7 Fnatic 6-4
8 1 G2 Esports 8-2
9 1 Team EnVyUs 4-6
10 Gambit Gaming 4-6