The Invade: Team SoloMid 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoff Preview

by Matt Best

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This week on The Invade, Mark Horner joined the show and provided his outlook on Team SoloMid's playoff outlook.

TSM began the split without one of their iconic players in Doublelift. Because of this, they had to replace not only his skill but also his shotcalling ability he provided the team for seasons on end. 

According to Horner, TSM look primed and ready for the playoffs. "Closing the regular season with a convincing and dominant victory over P1 has shown that they boys are ready for the playoffs," said Horner. "To me, it's simple why TSM should be the heavy playoff favorites. Firstly, Hauntzer has not only stepped up his level of play while facing stiffer competition in the top lane, but he has also taken on a large amount of TSM's shot calling responsibilities.

For Horner, another contributing reason has been the resurgence of a player who has struggled a little during the split. "The second reason would be the fact that Svenskeren has rounded into form after slumping for the second half of the spring split. Sven has bounced back from a weak second half of the spring split and had his jungle path look very clean in the last two weeks of the regular season.

However, the key to victory relies on the biggest question mark that was hanging over TSM before the start of the split. "The final reason is because the meta has shifted to ADC champions that are better suited for WildTurtle's aggressive and sometimes poor positioning. Turtles performance against P1 with Kalista is a perfect example of the boost in performance TSM will experience now that the ADC meta is less utility focused."

If you're talking about TSM, you can't forget about their midlaner, Bjergsen, who looks to be the favorite for the NA LCS Spring Split MVP Award. "Of course all that is without mentioning the king of mid lane Bjergsen, who is looking just as dominant as he ever has on the LCS stage. I completely expect TSM to be the 2017 Spring Split champions after all is said and done in Vancouver."

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By Matt Best

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