NA CS Wrapup: Team Liquid Come Home While eUnited Gets Sent Home

by James Bates

(Photo: lolesports)

The second round of the Promotion Tournament has just wrapped up, and as a result, we have our first conclusive results. Team Liquid took on Gold Coin United in order to secure the first of two slots in the LCS, while the other side of the bracket Team EnVyUs and eUnited fought just to keep their hopes alive. Day 1 made it clear that these teams were far, far closer than anyone might have thought beforehand, so today's games were expected to be outstanding, as no team was out of the woods quite yet.

The first team to fall would end up being eUnited, who were defeated by Team EnVyUs after another four-game series. The team looked surprisingly solid against Team Liquid yesterday, as the blistering pace at which they chose to play the game caught Liquid completely by surprised. Against the potent early game offense of Team EnVyUs, however, the chaos proved a suboptimal strategy. EnVyUs took the first game in a little over a half hour with one of the most important picks of the day, Camille. Licorice seemed happy to trade Camille for his Fizz, which was banned out against him all of yesterday, but making that trade ended up costing eUnited heavily as Seraph practically 1v5'd the game after dumpstering Licorice from the very beginning of the game. While eUnited did rally in the second game and manage to make a series out of it, their fate was sealed by the time the fourth game ended. While it's still not clear if Team EnVyUs will be rejoining the LCS one thing is clear, eUnited will not be.

The other side of the bracket proved to be an even more compelling series, however, as Team Liquid ended up getting taken to five games against Gold Coin United. They got an early two-game lead thanks to, of all things, Piglet's Karthus pick, which Gold Coin United were completely unprepared for. While Fenix was definitely the mid lane star this series, the Karthus allowed Team Liquid to play around their other lanes very effectively thanks to the knowledge that Requim could always back them up. By the third game, Gold Coin United wisened up and took that Karthus away, then managed to keep their hopes alive with two wins in a row, both of which were mostly fueled by Solo and Fenix, who were both on comfortable champions that allowed them to take over the game. Team Liquid savior would prove to be a very unexpected figure, as Piglet rose from the ashes of Games 3 and 4, both of which saw him get completely smashed, and took over all of Game 5. He led the team to the quickest victory of the series and secured Team Liquid's place in the 2017 LCS Summer Split.

Tomorrow the final match will get played out, and we'll see whether the tenth team in the NA LCS will once again be Team EnVyUs, or if Gold Coin United can still battle their way into the LCS they've worked so hard to make it into.

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By James Bates

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