NACS Wrap-Up: Another Split Of The Same

by James Bates

team envyus wallpaper by irninjuh-d9dg6r1
(Photo: Team EnVyUs)

The NA LCS has found it's tenth team for the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split, and it's a rather familiar face. At the end of a heated five-game battle, Team EnVyUs, considered by most to be the underdogs heading into the event, ended up taking down the challengers, Gold Coin United, and earning their way back into the NA LCS.

To say it was a narrow victory is perhaps being too generous to Team EnVyUs. To the surprise of most everyone watching the series, EnVyUs was forced to come back from an early deficit in nearly every game, something that that team is renowned for their inability to do. During their time in the LCS, EnVyUs became known for being a team with a very formidable early game but were equally well-known for their inability to follow through on their good early game in order to take home victory. While EnVyUs did, in fact, completely stomp the one game that they earned a strong early lead in -- which just so happened to be Game 5, the game that decided the series -- they  still definitely failed to prove their dominance, and many critics are still asking questions of the team coming into the next split.

None of those questions take away from EnVyUs' victory today, however. While they may have just barely looked like the best team on stage, they still were the best, even if by a narrow margin. For a team that went out on a limb on when they invest in the NA LCS in the first place, simply not having the initial investment be wasted is sure to be a relief. The question must be asked, though, where to now? Unlike Liquid, EnVyUs is a fairly stable roster that's managed to fall this far, and it's not immediately apparent what upgrades can be made in order to make the team competitive. Team EnVyUs might have escaped relegation this split, but one must wonder if that will be the case at the end of Summer if the team doesn't change course during the offseason.

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By James Bates

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