Making a Name For Himself, PowerOfEvil is WWG's Biggest Surprise in the Spring Split

by Matt Best

WWG's The Invade - League of Legends Weekly 4... by WWG

This week on The Invade, Matt Best was joined by Mark Horner and Matt Hempstead to hand out WWG's NA LCS and EU LCS Spring Split Awards.

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes surprises are a bad thing, just like Origen's surprise of not winning a single game in the EU LCS. Well, okay, maybe that wasn't so surprising. Keeping it in EU, a massive surprise did come out of the mid lane of one team. PowerOfEvil had always been a promising talent, that's why the aforementioned Origen took a chance on him previously. While it seemed unfortunate at the time for POE, he never fit in with the team. That would end up being a blessing in disguise as he eventually found his home on Misfits and flourished.

"I simply did not expect to witness a coming out party from PowerOfEvil," said Matt Hempstead of Shot Callers eSports. "Back when he was on Unicorns of Love, he was this young up and coming mid laner who had a strong affinity for Syndra. It was known as a one trick and often struggled when not on his main champion. Then Origen picked him up on a star-studded roster where PoE was expected to replace xPeke. Those expectations were entirely unrealistic and PoE was largely blamed for the downfall of one of Europe's best teams. All of a sudden on Misfits, Power looks like a top 5 mid laner. His champion pool is no longer in doubt and his Orianna play has gone from sporadic to spot on. On a team fresh into the EU LCS with a roster fresh out of challenger, PoE is truly the cornerstone from which this team finds success."

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By Matt Best

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