New Video Hypes Up The Hamburg EU LCS Finals

by James Bates

2016 EU LCS Logo
(Photo: Riot Games)

It turns out that OGN doesn't have a monopoly on hyped up League of Legends content, as the folks over at the European branch of Riot have cooked up something special for this year's EU LCS finals, something that is sure to resonate with much of their viewers in the same way that the LCK's hype videos do. Hype videos have been something of a hit or miss when it comes to the Western League of Legends leagues, as they're both relatively new to the scene and were forced to immediately compete with OGN, an organization that's been well-known for its amazing hype videos stretching all the way back more than decade to the beginning of the Starcraft: Brood Wars days. 

First, check out the new video in question here. The video is in German, as the finals are in Hamburg, but does have English subtitles that might be worth enabling for all of the English speakers out there. 

The video showcases some of the best sights to be seen around Hamburg, whether they be architectural or artistic. As someone who's never been able to travel to Europe, much less Hamburg, it was a riveting sight that certainly made the Los Angeles skyline t hat I enjoy on the daily look rather plain by comparison. A shot inside of a concert hall then reinforces the central idea of this being a city of history and culture, something that's hard to argue with.

It's what come after that was truly interesting to me, however. Most hype videos tend to feature plentiful shots of the players who are likely to be participating in the event in question, which makes sense. The point of the video is to hype up the event, after all. This video goes an entirely different route, however, and instead focuses on the fans who would be rooting for their favorite teams come next weekends. Now, whether anyone pictured is a fan or a paid model is academic, as it's the first video from Riot that we've ever seen that focused on the fan experience, rather than just the player experience. They acknowledge that the fans will be fighting just as ravenously to cheer their favorite teams on to victory as the teams themselves will be working to get said victory, which was a unique shift in perspective that was an interesting departure from previous work.

The EU LCS Finals that are getting hyped will get played out next weekend, and take place in, obviously, Hamburg, Germany, the first time the city has hosted a major Riot event despite it's relevance to the EU. 

By James Bates

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