Team SoloMid Shoots Down FlyQuest and Advances to NA LCS Finals

by James Bates

Team SoloMid Huddle
(Photo: lolesports)

Not even the official Riot script would enable FlyQuest to do what everyone thought was the impossible and trump Team SoloMid. The fight was fierce and bloody, but in the end Team SoloMid triumphed and advanced to their ninth consecutive domestic final, a record that no other team has come even close to beating, not even Europe's Fnatic or Korea's SK Telecom T1. Even the tried and true veterans of the original Cloud9 squad could do little to stop the onslaught that is Team SoloMid.

As many predicted, the series didn't just end in a Team SoloMid victory, it ended in absolute victory for the perennial favorites of the NA LCS. FlyQuest failed to even pick up even a single game, though they certainly had two games that were well within their grasp. Game Three, in particular, was theirs to lose, as Hai's Talon was extremely effective at generating leads across the map for his team, but a critical error at the very end of the game gave Team SoloMid the game from seemingly nowhere, as Altec was wiped off the planet thanks to a perfect Dragon's Rage from Svenskeren, just about his only useful contribution to the entire series.

The Player of the Series was, without a doubt, WildTurtle. Long has Turtle been the most maligned member of this squad, but he certainly proved his worth on stage Easter afternoon. WildTurtle and Biofrost absolutely smashed FlyQuest's bottom lane throughout the series and did it largely without any outside interference. Svenskeren rarely found himself in the bottom lane, so most of Turtle's lead was thanks to his own abilities, a fact he made evident when he solo killed Altec late in the series. WildTurtle looked like a far cry from the weak link that he's been pinned as all season, and with a performance like this one he might even give Sneaky reason to fear when Team SoloMid goes on to face Cloud9 next weekend.

With this victory, Team SoloMid will advance to face their age-old rivals in the final in Toronto next week. Which of the two teams will triumph in this latest iteration of the NA LCS' longest running rivalry is a question that has no clear answer, as both teams completely ran over their semi-finals opponents. Whoever the victor, however, it's certain that this series is sure to be an explosive one.

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