Unicorns of Love Trample Misfits and Books Ticket to Hamburg

by James Bates

Unicorns of Love
(Photo: lolesports)

Whatever magic that the Misfits conjured up in order to reverse sweep Splyce last week met its match on Easter morning, as the Unicorns of Love called upon their own touch of magic to lay them low. For a moment, it seemed like the Misfits might just be able to turn it all around, as Game Three was as crushing a victory for the Misfits as Games One and Two were for the Unicorns, but alas, another reverse sweep simply wasn't in the script for the Misfits, and the Unicorns closed the book on the series with an absolute slaughter in Game Three that closed out the series and secured the Unicorn's spot at the Hamburg finals.

The story of the game wasn't so much about the Unicorns as it was the Misfits, as the team simply seemed to be a shade of the team that showed up to face Splyce last week. In particular, both KaKAO and Hans Sama had a very weak series, and even PowerOfEvil's insane pocket picks and stellar Orianna play couldn't salvage the series. It's pretty rare that you lose a game wherein your Orianna starts out with a double kill at 3 minutes, and yet the Misfits managed to do just that in Game Two, a defeat that must have been heartbreaking for the continuously surging PowerOfEvil, who seems to be in a form similar to his peaks back on the Unicorns of Love.

The Player of the Series was none other than Vizicsacsi who, for a lack of a better descriptor, trample Alphari all across the series. While Misfits went far, far out of their way to give their top laner the counter pick nearly every game, The Unicorns just kept handing Vizicsacsi Rumble all series long, and he won the lane in every game regardless. His outstanding laning was a pillar that the Unicorn built their wins upon, and it certainly didn't hurt that his Equalizers found Hans Samas' face and burned it off more often than not.

The Unicorns will now advance to the EU LCS finals in Hamburg, where they will take on G2 Esports to see who will be the EU LCS' representative to the Mid-Season invitational. The Misfits will also take a trip to Hamburg, though they will be playing for third place against Fnatic, both of whom are covetously eying the championship points that come along with that title.

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By James Bates

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