League of Legends reveals Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha'Zix

by James Bates

Orianna 0
(Photo: League of Legends)

A month ago or so, an enterprising League of Legends player created a VFX mockup for something that the rest of the world didn't even know that they needed until they saw it, Dark Star Orianna. The purple-tinged astral theme fit Orianna like a glove, and the idea of her spawning a black hole for Shockwave was one that many fans immediately took to. 

Now, not two months later, Riot has revealed that they knew our hearts all along. Earlier this morning, a video was posted by Riot Brazil that confirmed what we already had heard hints of: that two more champions were soon to enter the Dark Star family, Kha'Zix and Orianna. That Kha'Zix was incoming was already a known fact, as he appeared during the teaser for the new Dark Star game mode earlier in the week, but Orianna was a choice that no one expected. Orianna already has a surfeit of skins at her disposal and, more importantly, the VFX work required to execute Dark Star Orianna appropriately would be quite the investment. However, it appears that investment was one that Riot was more than willing to make. 

The footage spans both champions, and shows off both a bit of their emotes as well as the new VFX for their abilities. The emotes are definitely nothing to scoff at. Orianna snuffs out the life of a world while standing in the midst of a jaw-dropping diorama of a galaxy, while Kha'zix dramatically appears to slice a black hole in two. Whether these animations are emotes or recall animations is unknown, but it's clearly one of the two. However, the most hotly anticipated part of any Dark Star skin is always the VFX, which are traditionally outstanding.

However, the most hotly anticipated part of any Dark Star skin is always the VFX, which are traditionally outstanding. These two are no different, though Kha'Zix definitely got the good end of the deal on this one. Orianna's effects are cool, but not that much better than those that she has for existing skins, and certainly don't live up to the user-created mock-up that they'll be compared to in the minds of many players. Kha'Zix, on the other hand, transforms completely into a creature that seems more a distortion in time than anything else, a fact that is only built upon by his new animations. His new animation for Void Assault, in particular, stands out as one of the best the champion has at his disposal.

There was no hint as to when we can expect to get our hands on these skin, but it won't be patch 7.8. Whether or not we'll see them during patch 7.9 for the Mid-Season update is the question of the hour, one that Riot will answer in due time.

By James Bates

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