Negligible Changes Coming to League of Legend's Jungle in Mid-Season Update

by James Bates

Shaco 5
(Photo: Riot Games)

While Season 7 was intended to be the season of Assassins, a fact that the comprehensive assassin reworks that arrived at the beginning of the split made clear, it's more likely going to go down as the season of junglers. While assassin-style junglers certainly had a field day for the early half of the split – Kha'zix and Shaco have both retained immense popularity since the season started – lane assassins haven't been so lucky. Thus, a season that was supposed to be all about enabling explosive play from the mid lane instead enabled explosive play from the jungle, as the amount of gold available to jungler increased dramatically at the beginning of Season 7, making them arguably the most important role in the game.

Times have started to change, however, and multiple nerfs to jungler gold income have started to make old low-econ mainstays like Lee Sin and Elise suddenly look rather attractive again. One of the biggest questions that many jungler mains have started to ask as a result is whether or not the Mid-Season update would bring more changes to a role that's already seen more changes in a single season than every before.

Well, Riot has given those junglers some piece of mind today, as a comment from Meddler explicitly stated that Riot is doing their best to minimize changes to the jungle in the immediate future. Meddler was questioned in his regular Gameplay Thoughts about whether he thought junglers were currently having a large enough impact on the game. While the user who asked the question seemed to believe that junglers were on the weak end at the moment – though he also admitted that he was too low elo to really tell one way or another –, Meddler seemed to be of a dissenting opinion.

I believe the jungle's around the right level of impact at present,” he wrote. “It's a role with an enormous amount of influence over the early game in particular, with the ability to create uneven fights then better than any other. Equal average XP gains as solo lanes isn't appropriate as a result. It's also a position we've put through more disruption than most, so we'd really like to leave it in a stable place systemically for a while if possible.”

Thus, jungle players can breath a sigh of relief. While the rest of the world might be changing come the Mid-Season Update, you no longer need to fear that the Raptors will yet again have a new HP value assigned to them

By James Bates

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