New Game Mode Dark Star: Singularity Coming to League of Legends

by Matt Best

(Photo: League of Legends)

League of Legends fans have been clawing at the bit to get their hands on a new game mode. They've finally created a new game mode called Dark Star: Singularity.

"Dark Star: Singularity is a 3v3 round-based game mode played on a brand new map called "Cosmic Ruins". Play as Thresh to hook and flay your enemies into the Dark Star and feed it souls, helping Thresh cause the Singularity and end the universe!"

Below are the details as per Riot Games starting with Thresh's abilities.

All of Thresh's abilities are changed somehow:

Death Sentence (Q):

  • Range increased and cooldown decreased for efficient soul harvesting.
  • If you throw a Death Sentence through the center of the Dark Star, it lights on fire and does bonus damage
  • Pulls enemies much farther based on their missing health

Dark Passage (W):

  • An ally in danger will be automatically saved by Dark Passage, without them needing to click on the lantern.
  • (Cooldown actually increased some, and no longer gives a shield, though!)

Flay (E):

  • Throws enemies much farther based on their missing health, cooldown decreased.
  • The passive part (bonus magic damage on next hit) charges much faster and hits harder.

The Box (R):

  • Not available on the Cosmic Ruins. Thresh doesn't need his box to end the universe.

This is how you earn points:

Fling enemies into the Dark Star to sacrifice their souls and earn points!

  • Abyss Scuttlers = 1 point
  • Champions = 5 points

Spawning is a little different, too.


  • Thresh will spawn in space around the edge of the map. Move around in space and step onto the Cosmic Ruins from wherever you like.
    • You're untargetable while out there, but you also can't cast spells or attack until you enter the arena
  • Spawn times are super short, so you can get back in the action

Gravity Anchors:

  • Three Gravity Anchors are positioned around the Cosmic Ruins (look for the blue orbs)
  • Hooking one will automatically pull Thresh to it
    • This will also break Thresh out of any disable/knockback! Use it to save yourself when there's no lanterns around.

Abyss Scuttlers:

  • The last remaining denizens of the Cosmic Ruins.
  • Sacrifice them to the Dark Star.
  • Use them as cover from enemy hooks


  • To keep the mode focused, progression elements like Gold, XP, and Items have been disabled
  • Thresh is level 3, and has points automatically distributed to his skills
  • You start with six items in your inventory that are totally what give you your Amazing Dark Star Powers and not just places to put tooltips about the game rules. Totally.

Dark Star: Singularity is headed to the PBE for testing soon!

By Matt Best

Matt Best is the Lead On Air Host and Producer for WWG. He has spent his professional career submerged in both the traditional sports world as well as esports. As one of the only Canadians at WWG, if you want to tilt Matt, just bring up awful Canadian stereotypes.