Ninja Parts Ways With EnVyUs

by James Bates

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The offseason has officially begun for the majority of the LCS, and players contracts are already starting to switch hands in a dizzying whirlwind of uncertainty. That Team EnVyUs, the last place team in the NA LCS and one that barely survived the Promotion Tournament, would be in on the action comes as no surprise. Who they are choosing to ax may, however. 

In a statement on twitter earlier this morning, the team announced that they would be parting ways with their long-time mid-laner Geon-Woo "Ninja" Noh, who joined the team back when it was still the Renegades after a disastrous last third of a season the doomed Team Dragon Knights. The team's statement on the matter was as follows:

There's no word on who would replace Ninja, and the list of potential candidates isn't exactly a long one. The sacking of Ninja does free up an import slot for Team EnVyUs, one that they will be sure to put to good use, but even if you include international players the list of high profile free agents is surprisingly slim. It can be assumed that the team will look for a new Korean mid laner in order to help keep the team's communication in order, but it's not readily apparent who that player will be. Who knows, perhaps LirA can convince his former teammate, Mickey, to make the move to the United States?

As a fan of the ROX Tiger's explosive mid laner, I can only dream for such a reunion.

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