Phoenix1 Triumphs Over FlyQuest in Tough Series

by James Bates

(Photo: Phoenix1)

The fan-faovrites couldn't make the cut in every series today, nor would every series end up being a one-way stomp. While the EU LCS Third Place match and the LCK Finals both gave us an uncompetitive series, the NA LCS Third Place match went to a full five games as Phoenix1 and FlyQuest turned out to be extremely well matched.

It was a series that was full of twists and turns, and could have easily resolved in either team's favor. Phoenix1 had to show just how resilient of a team they are in order to simply make it to Game Five, as Game Four looked to be the end of the series after Moon took a string of early kills that put FlyQuest far enough ahead that Phoenix1's victory should have been impossible. The late game is the great equalizer, however, as FlyQuest sat on their laurels for a bit too long and opened up the opportunity of a victory via late game teamfight for Phoenix1, and they capitalized on it to take the series to its conclusion. Phoenix1 found the shoe on the other foot in Game Five, as Altec's Caitlyn came terrifyingly close to a full item build and turned two fights in favor of FlyQuest despite Phoenix1's massive gold lead, but in the end even the vaunted Caitlyn late game wasn't enough to make up for Phoenix1's advantage and the latter took the game, the match, and the title along with them.

In every game, there was one player that always stood out, even when his team was in the doldrums. That man was Arrow, Phoenix1's ace ADC, who came out looking like the player of the series, as the series ended up being more ADC-centric than most. The team that won each game was always the one with the stronger ADC, a fact that was largely influenced by all the hyper-carry picks that we saw this series. Anyone who boldly blind-picks a Kog'maw in Game One of a series is asking for either glory or humiliation, and Arrow certainly came through an earned himself the former.

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By James Bates

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