Double Unleashed Power? Bjergsen Shows Off a Syndra Bug in League of Legends NA LCS Finals

by James Bates

Syndra 0
(Photo: Riot Games)

What better time for a confusing bug to raise its head than during one of the most hyped matches of the entire year, the NA LCS finals? Well, exactly that happened earlier today when Bjergsen, playing Syndra, attempted to cast his ultimate on Smoothie's Lulu, who appeared to walk just outside of his line of sight as he did so.

Normally, Unleashed Power would have just done nothing in this case, but as you can see in this clip, that wasn't the case at all. Instead of the cooldown simply resetting, as is normal, the ultimate instead continued to bombard Smoothie while he was out of vision, but also reset itself so that Bjergsen could also nail Jensen with it at the same time. The result was what appeared to be two instances of Unleashed Power going of at once, and both Smoothie (who died) and Jensen (who didn't) ate the full wrath of the notoriously powerful ultimate.

Fortunately, despite the bug being something that has never occurred in competitive play in the past, there was still an expert on hand ready to break down what, exactly, went down. Reddit user OverlordForte offered the following insightful analysis, and that explains both what happened, while also helping address why the bug wasn't cause for a remake (Riot's policy is never to rework a game based on a known bug that's not exploitable, which this one was not).

"There is a mechanic and a bug at work here.

The mechanic is targeted ability resetting: If an enemy becomes invalid when the ability is 'targeting' (but hasn't fired), it will reset to full (because it has no idea what happened in the game state). This is true of all targeted abilities, and it is an extremely small window to doing it (to the point it's impossible to try and scum it).

The bug is Syndra's 'multi-target' ultimate bug when her ultimate resets against enemies with untargetability. When you fire upon an enemy, have her ultimate reset, then fire on another enemy, the ultimate will fire into the enemy, then some spheres will selectively re-direct to another target (often the one who caused the original reset). This bug was fixed in the next patch (LCS isn't playing on it)."

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