Check Out the Most Hardcore League of Legends Esports Fan

by James Bates

Epic G2 Dude

Cosplay has a long and glorious history in League of Legends, but an enterprising fan at the EU LCS finals has just upped the ante in a huge way with one of the most insane getups that we've seen so far. While most people are happy to cosplay League of Legend champions, this fellow instead opted to cosplay the logo of his favorite League of Legends Team, G2 Esports. The snippet barely does his getup justice. Feast your eyes on this, and behold the true majesty of the craziest fan in Europe that doesn't sport the Fnatic colors.

Some context is called for here, though, as this image alone doesn't capture just how cool this particular moment was. One can only imagine that this fan created his crazy get up specifically to stand across from the man whose back you can see in the foreground here who is none other than the managers of the Unicorns of Love who is best known for posing shirtless while wearing the Unicorn's signature headgear. The two had a riveting standoff during the EU LCS finals that drove the fans even more mad than usual for when the Unicorns take to the stage.

WWG's Matt Best was no less impressed than the rabid fans. "This right here," he said. "Is exactly what we need more of in Esports. Fans like this are what make franchises grow and bring attention to games. When you see this dude, you see a dude who has been truly inspired by his team, and is happy to wear an absurd get up to support them. This is League of Legends' answer to the frat boys that paint their team's name on their beer bellies, and I, for one, am happy that the standard bearer for an Esports franchise is just as fit as any fan you'd find at an NBA game."

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By James Bates

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