G2 Esports Breaks the Unicorns and Takes EU LCS Title

by James Bates

(Photo: G2 Esports)

The hat trick has proven to be anything but out of reach for G2 Esports, who have now managed to win their third consecutive EU LCS title, and will be advancing to represent all of the EU LCS at the Midseason Invitational later on in the year. The Unicorns of Love managed to make a fight out of it, something that the last couple of teams to advance to the the EU LCS finals on the opposite end of G2 Esports haven't done, but in the end there was no question which team was the greater.

Four games were all it took for G2 Esports to bury the Unicorns, and it very nearly wasn't even that many. G2's bizarre decision to go with a Fiddlestick support in Game Three cost them heavily, as Mithy and Zven promptly got run over by Samux's Lucian, who practically solo carried the game for the Unicorns from then on. Game Four heralded a return to normalcy and, predictably, a return to G2's dominance as they closed ou the series and took home the title of EU LCS champions for themselves.

The EU LCS title has never been G2 Esports goal for this split, however, as the team has made it abundantly clear for the entirety of the season that their real focus is on the international scene. Now that G2 have once again earned their right to represent the EU LCS at the Midseason Invitational, we'll see whether G2's constant focus on improving their matchups against international teams was a brilliant masterstroke or a sign of misplaced optimism. Whatever the case, fans of the region will likely be pleased to simply not be treated to an encore of G2's 2-8 performance at the previous Midseason Invitational.

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By James Bates

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