Team SoloMid Shuts Down The Reverse Sweep and Take the NA LCS Championship Title

by James Bates

Team SoloMid Huddle
(Photo: lolesports)

If you needed any more proof that the 2017 Spring Split was one of the closest and most exciting in the league's history, today's final should have served as definitive proof. Team SoloMid took to the finals stage once more and took on their ancient rival, Cloud9, in what ended up being a tense five-game series. TSM took the first two games in short order, but in their rush to finish off the series, they opened up the way for Cloud9 to take two wins of their own. Fans around the world were chewing their nails as the fifth game kicked off, all of them wondering the same thing. Would this be another NA LCS final that would end in a reverse sweep?

Despite what Cloud9 fans the world over may have wanted, the answer ended up being no. The fifth game was the closest of the entire series and after forty-five minutes of back and forth, no holds barred combat, Team SoloMid finished off Cloud9 and defended their NA LCS title. But for one critical mistake, however, it all would have likely turned out differently. Cloud9 were unquestionably in the driver's seat at the forty minute mark, as a disastrous teamfight for Team SoloMid resulted in a baron take for Cloud9, and TSM rushed to the Elder Dragon in desperation the moment they all returned to the rift. It was then that Bjergsen saved the entire series for his team. Jensen, in his haste to make his way into the fight on Ekko, took all of Bjergsen's major spells in the face and died without using either his Hourglass or his Ultimate. TSM easily cleaned up the fight thereafter and took down the last nexus that Cloud9 could afford to lose, cementing their place as NA LCS champions.

Now it is Team SoloMid's chance to earn international fame for their region, as the victory of the NA LCS finals not only earns the championship title but also earns the right to represent the region at MSI. We'll soon see if Team SoloMid can recreate the success that Counter Logic Gaming earned last year when they took second place at the tournament. For Team SoloMid, MSI represents a chance to redeem themselves after a string of horrible world's appearances, all of which came after the team had earned themselves quite a bit of hype in the lead-up to the tournament. The question now changes from whether Team SoloMid can take home the NA LCS title to whether they can make that title worth something on the biggest stage in professional League of Legends, and only time will tell if that is the case.

By James Bates

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