New League of Legend Icons Released for MSI

by James Bates

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(Photo: lolesports)

Are you ready to represent your region during the second biggest international tournament of the year? The mid-season invitational is right around the corner, and Riot has just released the official Summoner Icons for the event earlier today. For the low, low price of one IP, you can purchase an icon of your home region's MSI logo. Icons from other regions won't come quite so cheap but still will only run you a manageable 250 RP, which is still one of the cheapest RP purchases possible. For those of you who will be repping North America by cheering on Team SoloMid there's no excuse not to pick up the NA LCS icon, which even has a unique gold gilding to it that will be exclusive to this years icon -- though I must admit that I'll be running with the LPL icon for the second year running.

One of the biggest surprise hits of the last couple big international events was something that, until then, had flown completely under the radar, the Summoner Icons. Usually, Summoner Icons are static and do little but differentiate one player from another during the loading screen. With the hundreds of icons that are in the game, they've always been a good way of making yourself stand out – seeing two players with the same Summoner Icons in one game is as rare as a blue moon these days – but they've never really done much more than that.

Starting with the 2015 World Championship, though, all of that changed. The icons that were released for that event had, for a limited time, in-game emotes attached to them. Now, players could represent their teams in-game as well, as the emotes displayed the logo of the team that that icon represented. MSI 2016 followed up on the success of the Worlds icons by introducing a similar line of icons for each region, so players could instead represent the region of their choice. While the emotes have thus far been disabled immediately after the event that the icon was released for, their lack of permanence hasn't stopped them from being one of the biggest hits in the Summoner Shop for the last few years.

By James Bates

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