League of Legends Removes Dark Star Login After Epileptic Concerns

by Tanner Dedmon

League Intro

Riot Games has removed the most recent Dark Star login screen from the League of Legends client after a user reported that the animation resulted in an epileptic attack.

According to Redditor Perfarator, the user suffered from an episode of petit mal, a brief type of seizure. Perfarator posted on the League of Legends sub-Reddit where users and Riot employees are constantly active on Friday. Riot employee Cactopus responded to the user within the hour, announcing that they had taken down the login screen and replaced it with the animation previously in place. 

"I'm so sorry that happened. I'm gonna PM you. We need to keep this from ever happening to anyone," Redditor The_Cactopus wrote. He soon updated his comment, saying "UPDATE: We've replaced the Dark Star animated login screen with the MSI login. The change is live in NA and we're working to make it global. We take this stuff super seriously and we're grateful to OP for raising visibility on the issue so we could solve it."

Perfarator later updated the initial post as well, saying that they were sorry to have "bothered" Riot with the post.

"HEADS UP: As of now, Riot just changed they login screen animation to old MSI one, so big thanks for Riot for quick reacting and solving the issue! I am very sorry that I bothered Riot with this," Perfarator wrote in an update.

Riot didn't seem too bothered though as the Riot employee also noted within the thread that the company had special software in place to detect issues such as this one before certain updates go live and commented that they needed to know if those programs were not enough. 

Perfarator was not the only user to express concerns about the login screen, however. A YouTube video of the login screen was uploaded on April 21 by YouTuber frostyNinja that had "EPILEPSY WARNING" in the title and noted in the description that the rapid shifting in the video may result in seizures.

Within a few hours, Riot also put out an update on their Riot Games Support Twitter account to let users know the state of the login screen and the progress on resolving the issue.

 The login screen that caused the issues followed the MSI login screen to showcase the new Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha'Zix skins that were recently released in Patch 7.9. It depicted the two champs emerging from either side of a dark mass with simple movements punctuated by jarring flashes of light and sudden movements. The video has also been removed from the League of Legends YouTube account, and there's no word as of this time whether the login will be reinstated.