League of Legends: Origin Story of Tristana and Lulu's Dragons

by Matt Best

Tristana 10
(Photo: League of Legends)

Lore within League of Legends is becoming more and more popular. Fans of the game want to know where their favorite champion came from or how they were designed.

Recently, Riot Games let us in on the origin story of Jinx. Before her ultimate was decided on, she had four different variations of it including Drop The Hammer, Homing Missiles, WTF Missiles and my personal favorite, Circle of Cats.

Digging deeper into the lore, a fan of the game asked Riot what the story was behind Lulu's dragon as well as Tristana's.

Tristana's dragon is named Riggle, a very cute and friendly name. According to kantayams, a Writer for League of Legends, that name wasn't hard to decide upon at all. "For Tristana’s dragon, the name “Riggle” came about rather easily. He hatched from his egg like an awkward dancer finding his footing on the floor," said kantayams. "All he ever wanted to do was go places and eat good grub. Happiness was a simple concept to him. It quickly became clear that a suitable name would be as simple, cute, and playful as its owner.

Lulu's dragon is a bit more complicated to lock down. By a bit more, we mean a lot more. "Lulu’s dragon, on the other claw, has a name, but it’s much more abstract," said kantayams. "In fact, the name is near impossible to pronounce in any modern language that we know. It’s kinda what you expect a warm, crackling fire burning steadily in the hearth of a stone castle to sound like, while strong gusts of wind press against the heavy, barred windows. There’s also a feminine pitch to the name, akin to the gentle whine of the violet wildflowers that have grown and entangled themselves around those bars."

Uh, what. We're completely baffled right now and can't even begin to think of a noise or name for that matter for Lulu's dragon. We're just going to go with Pix 2.0 until we get further clarification.

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By Matt Best

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