Crumbz Joins SpotTV League of Legends Broadcast Team

by James Bates

(Photo: lolesports)

The much maligned SpotTV broadcast is looking to add another member in order to try to bolster its popularity, reports Korean news site Fomos. Come the summer split, Fomos reports that Alberto "Crumbz" Rengubo will be joining the analyst desk for the SpotTV broadcast, and will be joining the two current members of the broadcast team.

Crumbz has a long and storied history in the League of Legends scene in which he's played just about every conceivable role. He's best known for his time on the first iteration of Team Dignitas, where he was a force back in the early days of the League of Legends scene. After around Season 2, however, Crumbz noticeably fell off as a player, and he disappeared from the scene for some time outside of occasional appearances as a commentator. Fast forward to Season 5, however, and Crumbz waged a competitive comeback on the ill-fated Team Renegades, where he proved that he was still a competitor, if not a force. After Renegades was banned from the LCS, Crumbz instead tried his hand at coaching for the Apex organization, which ended up qualifying a team for LCS.

When most people think of Crumbz nowadays, however, they think about his role on the analyst desk, where he has admittedly done quite a good job over the past year. He was part of the Worlds 2016 broadcast team and was a mainstay during the 2016 NA LCS as well. Though he hasn't played much of a role during the 2017 season due to his relocation to Korea, he's still a well-regarded commentator on the scene, and thus SpotTV is almost certain to be happy with his services. Whether those can make up for the incredible lack of popularity that SpotTV broadcasts have relative to their OGN counterparts, however, is another question entirely, one that will only be answered with time.

WWG Matt Best was amongst those that were thrilled to hear about the move. “Crumbz is one of my favorite personalities within League of Legends. Seeing him back in the scene is something most fans should be happy about. His social media presence is fantastic but that’s not the best thing about him. Crumbz is all about speaking his mind and he’s never been afraid to do so. Having him back in the scene is fantastic. Also, take a peek at his pinned tweet. It looks like that “some day” is now."

By James Bates

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