CLG's League of Legends Team Picks Up 5-Hour Energy as a Sponsor

by James Bates

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(Photo: Riot Games)

One of the most popular organizations in the North American NA LCS has, at last, signed their first sponsor from outside the gaming world. Counter Logic Gaming, the champions of the 2016 Spring Split and runner-up at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational, today announced that they would be entering into a partnership with the popular energy drink manufacturer 5-hour energy, whose "energy shots" are amongst the most popular energy drinks in the United States.

In celebration of the new partnership, the two also announced a new campaign that will be sure to drive fan involvement. The new campaign, known as the "Choose Your Extra Strength" campaign, will feature a series of votes which will allow fans of the team to help select a new jersey design for the organization. In addition, the Counter Logic Gaming house has been renamed the 5-Hour Energy house in further commemoration of the historic new partnership.

“We are ecstatic to help Living Essentials further their efforts in the gaming industry,” said John Spiher, Director of Business Development for CLG. “Teaming up with them gives us incredible opportunities for both our players and fans to fully experience 5-hour Energy. This sponsorship is a major development both for CLG and eSports as a whole.”

Energy drink sponsors are far from a rarity in the esports scene. In fact, energy drink companies were amongst the first non-endemic companies to take an interest in esports. Despite the fact that energy drinks aren't marketed directly to gamers -- with a few notable exceptions, such as G-FUEL -- like computer hardware is, they still receive significant business from the gamer demographic. Thus, it behooves such companies to make themselves known in the esports world, which is why brands like Monster and Red Bull have been involved from esports for some time. In fact it's practically impossible to go anywhere on the Riot campus where there isn't a Red Bull on hand, ready to be consumed. While Counter Logic Gaming isn't the first venture by 5-Hour Energy into the Esports scene -- their sponsorship of the Detroit Renegades Overwatch team took that accolade -- it is still an early venture by the company, who is only just expanding into the esports scene.

By James Bates

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