Mysterious Monkeys Acquire LCS Spot From Misfits Academy

by Tanner Dedmon

Mysterious Monkeys
(Photo: ad hoc gaming)

The European League of Legends Championship Series has acquired it's newest team after the Mysterious Monkeys purchased the team spot previously held by Misfits Academy. 

An announcement came Friday from the German company ad hoc gaming GmbH who owns Mysterious Monkeys to confirm the transition. The press release from the organization also went on to explain that they would be keeping the Misfits Academy roster at least for the upcoming season. 

To expand further on the already growing team, it was also announced that Mysterious Monkeys would be partnering with XMH, a German brand of gaming laptops and PCs. The press release said that the computer company hoped to partner with the organization in a joint effort to increase the presence of esports in Germany. While they are currently the first and only corporate partner and sponsor of the Mysterious Monkeys, they will also be working closely with the team to seek out additional potential partners as the team grows in their new position.

Misfits Academy previously earned the spot in the EU LCS by defeating Fnatic Academy during the 2017 EU LCS Summer Promotion tournament. This granted them their second spot in the EU LCS, but the official League of Legends rules for such top-tier play forbids any organization from owning more than one spot in the competitive leagues. Because of this, Misfits Academy was obligated to sell their spot, and Mysterious Monkeys were fortunate enough to cash in on the opportunity. 

At this time, the financial details of the transaction have not been released. It is unknown exactly how much the Mysterious Monkeys paid for the EU LCS spot, but more information is expected to come later today. Misfits has already commented on the transaction to confirm it, and have stated that additional details would be released later today.

In addition to being the German League of Legends champions, the Mysterious Monkeys also had a team in the Challenger Open qualifiers that shared the same name. That team will now be take on the name Euronics Gaming as they continue their climb.

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