Krepo Steps Away From League of Legends Casting Amid Controversy

by James Bates

cropped Krepo
(Photo: lolesports)

Controversy and scandal struck this morning and took one of the EU LCS' most beloved casters away from his post at the Mid-Season Invitational analyst desk. Mitch "Krepo" Voorspoels announced via twitter this morning that due to an unfolding controversy surrounding him and some reputation-damaging photos that were leaked overnight he would be stepping away from the League of Legends broadcast team for the time being. The decision was not made lightly, as Krepo is amongst the casters who were likely to be present during the finals of the Mid-Season Invitational.

While details are still limited, it seems that all of the controversies stems from a set of compromising photos that were leaked onto the internet overnight. Allegedly, the photos in question are a set of nude photos that Krepo sent to a female acquaintance of his which were then released by said acquaintance onto the internet. While there is some discussion about the age of the individual in question, there is no proof at this time that the party who received the images is anything but a young woman about the age of consent, which is lower in most European countries than it is in the United States. If information were to come out indicating otherwise, then the scandal would certainly change from being a momentary embarrassment to a much more intense situation where the legality of his actions might be called into question.

For now, however, there is no indication that Krepo's actions involved any sort of wrongdoing. While his critics might argue that this is a lapse of judgment on his part, and they may, perhaps, have a point, Krepo is also entirely entitled to make a poor decision on personal matters. While this situation certainly doesn't reflect well on Riot Games, it's also not been their policy in the past to sack their staff over a scandal like this. For now, Riot Games hasn't commented on how they plan to move forward with the situation, but we can be sure that a statement will almost certainly be incoming in the next 24 hours, especially if the leaker of the photos ends up being underage.

By James Bates

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