League of Legends Announces Rift Rivals Tournaments

by Tanner Dedmon

Rift Rivals
(Photo: Lol Esports)

Riot Games announced on Tuesday that fierce rivalries will soon be settled in a new cross-regional competition called Rift Rivals that will take place over the summer.

Heated contests between clashing regions such as NA vs. EU will take place from July 3-9 across several different cities around the world as regions finally get the chance to settle their disputes and go head-to-head against one another. 

And the regions will have the chance to compete directly against their rivals, not against fellow teams from the same region. Riot has also announced that in this new series of tournaments, teams from the 13 regions will only be facing teams outside of their regions. 

Rift Rivals won't be quite as large as the most recent competition, MSI, but the bragging rights that stem from taking down a nearby region once and for all certainly makes this a tournament circuit that's worth watching.

The teams competing in the Rift Rivals tournaments will be based off of the most recent split and will be seeded as such. Below is more details about the individual tournaments such as which regions will be competing against each other and which teams you can root for during the event:

North America vs. Europe

Dates: July 6-8

North America (NA):

  • TSM
  • Cloud9
  • Phoenix1

Europe (EU):

  • G2 Esports
  • Unicorns of Love
  • Fnatic

Latin America North vs. Brazil vs. Latin America South

Dates: July 5-8

Latin America North (LLN)

  • Lyon Gaming
  • Just Toys Havoks

Brazil (CBLOL)

  • Keyd Stars
  • RED Canids

Latin America South (CLS)

  • Isurus Gaming
  • Furious Gaming

Commonwealth of Independent States vs. Turkey

Dates: July 6-9


  • Virtus.pro
  • Vaevictis Esports
  • M19
  • Vega Squadron

Turkey (TCL)

  • SuperMassive eSports
  • Oyunfor.CREW
  • 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor
  • Team AURORA

Southeast Asia vs. Oceania vs. Japan

Dates: July 3-6

Southeast Asia (GPL)

  • GIGABYTE Marines
  • Ascension Gaming
  • Mineski

Oceania (OPL)

  • Dire Wolves
  • Legacy
  • Sin Gaming

Japan (LJL)

  • Detonation Gaming
  • Rampage
  • Unsold Stuff Gaming

Korea vs. LMS vs. China

Dates: July 6-9

Korea (LCK)

  • SK Telecom T1
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • KT Rolster
  • MVP


  • Flash Wolves
  • ahq e-Sports Club
  • J Team
  • Machi

China (LPL)

  • Team WE
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Edward Gaming
  • OMG

Due to the varying number of regions and teams competing in each tournament, the structure of each competition will differ. Some will go from the Group Stage to the Semifinals to the Finals while others will go straight from the Group Stage to the Finals. The detailed info on how each regional tournament will be organized can be seen through several informational graphics on the announcement page for the Rift Rivals event.

The languages that each competition will be broadcast in will also vary depending on the regions involved, but all clashes except for Latin America North vs. Brazil vs. Latin America South and CIS vs. Turkey will be broadcast in English.

Riot has announced that they will release more information about the event as the work out additional details such as the full schedule and ticket information.

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