WildTurtle Leaves TSM To Join FlyQuest

by Tanner Dedmon

(Photo: gamurs)

In a sudden announcement from Team SoloMid, Jason "WildTurtle" Tran has departed from TSM to join FlyQuest after spending just five months with his now former team.

WildTurtle took the spot of Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng as the AD Carry for TSM after Doublelift stepped away from the competitive environment. But after the team took first place during the 2017 Spring Split, Doublelift decided to rejoin TSM, giving the team not one, but two talented players to fill one role.

According to the announcement released by TSM on Thursday that thanked WildTurtle for his time spent with the team, WildTurtle understandably sought after a full-time position as opposed to competing for his spot against his fellow teammate. TSM was adamant about their six-man team composition, and when the opportunity arose for WildTurtle to join FlyQuest as their AD Carry, he took them up on the offer.

WildTurtle had this to say about the transition in the official announcement from TSM:

“I've spent most of my career on TSM now and I’m extremely thankful for all the experiences I've had with Andy and the rest of the team. I'm really going to miss playing with everyone and within such a motivated environment. At the same time, I’m looking forward to this next split and to be moving onto another stage of my career with my old teammates Hai, Lemon, and Balls. I think FlyQuest will be a good home for me, and I hope continue my success with them.”

There's not been much more said publicly from the newest addition to FlyQuest's team except for a post on his Twitter account, an account that has not yet been changed to reflect the transition, that said he was "excited for what the future holds."

Moving forward into the Summer Split, TSM is holding firm in their commitment to the six-man dynamic they had before WildTurtle's departure, and they are currently searching for another AD Carry to replace him. They stated that whoever fills WildTurtle's spot will share play and scrimmage time with Doublelift and that the team plans to release a video in the future regarding their roster.

There's no news as of this time whether FlyQuest's current AD Carry, Johnny "Altec" Ru, will remain on the team as a substitute or in any similar capacity.