NA League of Legends Pros Get Salary Increase, Shared League-based Revenue

by Tanner Dedmon

Team SoloMid Huddle
(Photo: LoL Esports)

Everyone involved in the North American League of Legends Championship Series will be able to take home part of the league's revenue in 2018 after some big changes are made to the league, as announced by Riot Games on Thursday.

Along with other changes being made to the NA LCS in 2018 that include the creation of a partnership system with a buy-in, the plan to share revenue earned by the NA LCS is just another step Riot Games is taking in an attempt to promote a healthier system that benefits the league, the players, and the teams. With the new, long-term partnership system, Riot says they can return more of the teams' investments back to the organizations as a response to their continued commitment to the league. To make their sharing goal a reality, Riot plans on sharing multiple forms of revenue with the organizations such as team-branded digital goods and other incentives.

But sharing goes both ways, and each of the 10 teams in the revamped NA LCS system will be required to contribute part of their earnings as well. This will include sources of income such as team sponsorships and the sale of merchandise. Riot says that this sharing system will hopefully align the interest of all parties involved, ensuring that everyone performs their best to both contribute to and gain from the league.

The current plan is to have approximately one-third of the league's revenue go to Riot, the teams, and the players, respectively. Half of the portion that goes to teams will be distributed in a flat amount to the organizations, and the remaining portion of the revenue will be divvied out based on how well that team placed.

A successful league also depends on its players' performance and their incentive to play well, and as much as they may love the game, a critical factor is how much they get paid. With the new partnership program in place, Riot will be upping the minimum salary for NA LCS pros to $75,000.

On top of that, the players will also be able to rake in some of the shared revenue mentioned earlier. Their salary is guaranteed, and based on how much their full salary is, they have the opportunity to earn more from the league revenue that's being distributed to players.

The new revenue system hopes to benefit everyone involved so they can keep building on their organizations; Riot will be able to broadcast more events, teams can invest in programs for their players, and players take home more money.

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