League of Legends Match of the Week: Week of 5/4/17

by James Bates

(Photo: EU LoL Esports)

As of this week, League of Legends' esports wing is back to running at full steam. China's LPL finally starts up their season this week, and theirs is the last of the major leagues to start the 2017 Summer Split. All four regions have matches both big and small this week, so it's definitely not a week to sleep on, regardless of whether you're a fan of Team Solo Mid or of SK Telecom T1.

The real question is, though, which matches are the most worthy of your time? We sat down with the sharpest esports minds here at WWG and asked them all a simple question. What match are you most excited to turn into this week?

James Bates, League of Legends Staff Writer - G2 Esports vs. Fnatic

- "There's plenty of good matches this week, including the opening of the LPL that I'm certainly going to be watching, but none have quite the same implications that G2's fight against Fnatic will. We really saw Fnatic start to take off at the tail end of last split thanks, in part, to their sudden willingness to play their own game and ignore the established meta. Rekkles started playing nothing but Kennen and Tristana while looking like the best ADC in Europe for the first time in years. Fnatic came closer to toppling G2 Esports during the playoffs than any other team they faced, and it's going to be extremely interesting to see whether they can finish the job this time around. It's a different game than it was back at the end of Summer Split, however, and we don't really know how well adapted G2 Esports are to that fact, seeing as they got much less practice time on the new patches than other EU teams did. Fnatic might just have a curveball ready, and I, for one, cannot wait to find out how this game goes."

Tanner Dedmon, League of Legends Staff Writer - Team Liquid vs. Team EnVyUs/Team Dignitas

- "I'm looking forward to seeing how Team Liquid holds up in both of their series against Team EnVyUs and Team Dignitas. They received some criticism for subbing out Goldenglue after just one series, but I would hope they've settled on a roster they're comfortable with before their next games."

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By James Bates

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