League Of Legends NA CS Shifts To Best-of-three Format

by Tanner Dedmon

(Photo: lolesports)

The League of Legends North American Challenger Series has picked up quite a bit of attention recently with the formation of the meme team that is Delta Fox, the new Challenger level team from the Echo Fox organization. With that attention has come a newly refreshed desire from fans to be able to watch how these and other Challenger games play out as well as some general curiosity from those who aren't quite familiar with the details and the format of the Challenger Series. If you're one of those looking to learn more about the Series, Riot Games announced on Wednesday that there would be some changes being made to the Challenger format just in time for the Summer Split.

Three main points that Riot wanted to hit surrounding the NA CS is what the format will be like, what the schedule will be, and how these games will be broadcasted. When speaking with Challenger teams about how well the current best-of-two format prepared them for the higher level of play found in the NA LCS, the teams expressed the idea that shifting to the best-of-three format seen in the NA LCS would better serve them in terms of experience. This new double Bo3 format, effective immediately, will take place every Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

In terms of scheduling, the full list of upcoming games between the Challenger teams can be seen here. If your interest in the Challenger Series stems solely from wanting to see how Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana and his Delta Fox teammates hold up in the games, their next match is today at 2 p.m. PT against Gold Coin United.

However, that game won't be the one being streamed this week. Riot also stated that they will be showing one full Bo3 series instead of broadcasting pieces of several Bo2 series as they did last split. The Challenger VODs will also be retired this time around, and the teams will instead be provided replays of the games so that they can focus on creating their own content, something that Riot says the both the teams and Riot are working together on. There's already been suggestions that William "scarra" Li from the Delta Fox team will line up the team's voice chat with the replays to give viewers a show even when Delta Fox's games aren't the ones being broadcasted.

Riot closed out the update by saying that they've definitely seen the increased attention towards the NA CS recently and that they're looking into additional ways to bring Challenger games to the broadcast.

The first game being broadcasted from the NA CS will be eUnited vs. Gold Coin United taking place today at 5 p.m. PT.