Rekkles on Fnatic's Performance

by James Bates

(Photo: League of Legends)

The EU LCS 2017 Summer Split is well underway, and it's been something of a renaissance for Europe's most popular team. After nearly a year and a half of mediocrity, Fnatic has finally managed to reclaim their legacy and are on an absolute tear. They currently lead Group A with a 3-1 after the first round-robin, a record that puts them ahead of both G2 Esports and Misfits. Their only loss has, thus far, come at the hands of ROCCAT, who upset them at the beginning of this week in a series that was quite atypical for this Fnatic lineup.

Fnatic isn't content to sit on their laurels, however. Martin "Rekkles" Larsson, the captain of the team, took to social media earlier in the week to break down Fnatic's first round-robin and offered some valuable insight into what the team did right, and what it did terribly wrong. The latter proved just as informative as the former, as many fans were in shock after Fnatic's defeat at the hands of ROCCAT, which was both sudden and unexpected, especially seeing as Fnatic drafts were formed from more or less the same picks that had shown nothing but success prior to that point.

One of his more interesting comments was regarding the speculation around G2 Esports decision to give Fnatic their trademark ADC Kennen pick in all three games, a decision that backfired spectacularly and resulted in a Fnatic victory. "Usually G2 have straight up the best understanding when it comes to all the mental warfare (draft and macro comes first to mind)," He remarked. "However when we played them they did a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes that I've never seen before. I've seen discussions about them doing so willingly, but aside of the draft it doesn't make much sense so I'll just assume they need a couple of weeks to get going."

He also had some remarks about the team's loss to ROCCAT including, surprisingly, an apology. " First of all, I wanna apologize for seemingly not taking the series seriously. After rewatching the games I could definitely tell that we were making a lot of strange decisions and showed a past version of ourselves that should've died out in Spring already. Either way, after not dropping a game in Summer 2015 and not being at our best when it truly mattered I realized that sometimes losses are better than wins. Obviously, it sucks here and now, but if we're able to learn from yesterday's games it's fine. These things happen."

Interested parties can check out the entire Facebook post, which includes detailed breakdowns of each series, here.

By James Bates

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