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WWG was founded out of a love of all things gaming and is focused on esports as well as traditional gaming.

WWG is a part of ComicBook.com, the world's No. 1 news source and lifestyle brand for a generation who loves larger-than-life characters.

From major AAA releases to competitive video gamers, from Call of Duty to Pokemon, League of Legends, Starcraft and Injustice, WWG.com speaks to a group of people that is are passionate about being gamers.

Our comprehensive team of experts and newsmakers talks directly with the creators of the industry, as well as the community at large, providing fans an authentic, one-of-a-kind view of the gaming and esports landscape.

WWG.com is the first and only media company to bring this unique combination of traditional gaming and esports content to the masses while yet remaining true to its core, focusing first and foremost on those who cherish the creativity and ingenuity that inspires an inclusive, vibrant culture across all media.


Corporate Contacts

Sam Savage

Jared Miller
EVP, General Manager WWG

Joe Blackmon
Co-Founder ComicBook.com

Dallas Jackson
Executive Editor

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